Who can better take care of my home? Would I rather hire the cleaning service or find a individual cleaning person?

There are many factors which help you make a decision. If you have never had any experience with this kind of service you need to consider what is more important to you and what maid service or cleaning person can offer.

Independent cleaners commonly provide one-person service what means that it will take longer to clean your house. If you work at home it could be a little bit aggravating and it could disturb you. On the other hand you always have the same person so in the meanwhile she won’t be a stranger walking through your house. The same person is a huge advantage. You will know what you can expect from her every time she will come to your home. It is much easier to give her any instructions and directions or to tell her what she can do better, what she missed in last visit.

Unfortunately, the most important disadvantage of hiring the individuals they probably don’t have an insurance. What does it mean to you? If something had happened you would be responsible for this. You could be liable if a she is hurt in your home. You may say that you know this person very well and what can happen the cleaning, but it is always a risk.

Another disadvantage which occurs occasionally is a rescheduling the service date. Especially if something happens suddenly like sickness or unexpected events. There is no substitute, your maid isn’t so flexible and it is very hard to find a gap in her schedule.

The last and the most important factor is the price for the service. It will cost you up to 20% less so you can save hundreds of dollars per year. This is the main reason that people hire individuals rather than a company. Where is the best place to find a cleaning person? My suggestion - Craigslist

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